NEMA motors

SLF series

NEMA Single Phase Rolled Steel Frame TEFC Motors 1/12HP thru 10HP;48thru 215T;48C thru 215TC

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•  Continuous Duty 40℃ Ambient
•  TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled)
•  NEMA Design L
•  Class F insulation with Class B Temp rise
•  High starting torque and low starting current
•  Rolled steel construction
•  Ball bearings
•  Capacitor Start / Capacitor Run (1/4 thru 10HP)


•  Commercial Pumps
•  Swimming Pool Pumps
•  Fans
•  Conveyors
•  Air Conditioning Equipment
•  Small Machine Tools
•  Blowers
•  Augers
•  Household Electric Appliances
•  Equipment Which requiring direct drive and high starting torque

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